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Sky Caterers has well-known clients from diverse industries: hotels, casinos, restaurant chains, government agencies, cafeterias, savings clubs and supermarkets, among others. Managed by committed professionals with vast experience in the food service management field, this division focuses on offering products with the highest standards of quality, safety and nutrition to its customers. Our institutional services range from Department of Nutrition/Wellness for Hospital and Nursing Homes to the Management of Employee and/or Public Cafeterias of these institutions. The division’s objective is to provide adequate nourishment to meet the individual nutritional requirements according to health, likes and idiosyncrasies through the coordination of the administration, planning, control and personnel management and evaluation.

Other Services


  • Administration/Management of Cafeteria Services and/or Nutritional Services for

  • Private and government institutions

  • Food Service Management experience in penal institutions

  • Coordination and food preparation for large-scale activities and special events

  • Other services develop according to the needs of individual corporations


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